TAAK concerned over forest fires.

BK Web Desk Srinagar
November 5, 2016 BREAKING NEWS 360 Views
ur state of J & K is world over known for the lofty mountains and lush green forests along with the fauna and wild life which attracts huge number of visitors and tourists to the state thus giving livelihood to Lakhs of people related to tourism industry directly or indirectly..
Travel Agents association of Kashmir (TAAK) expresses its serious concern on the devastation of forests caused by these forest fires.
It is unfortunate to note that almost every year these forests are being torched by the greedy inhabitants and sometimes catch fire due to dry spells and winds.
It is shocking to note that our forest department  is not well equipped and prepared to fight these calamities .Although the forest department has the forest guards and forest protection force on the rolls , such incidents and vandalization of forests is unabated nullifying their role ..
We request the Honorable Chief Minister and the Honorable Forest minister to take a serious note of these incidents which keep on surfacing every year with unfortunate spurt this year. A proper vigilance is required along with fire dozing mechanism to fight this menace.
It is also requested that the government should come up with the fire fighting control rooms with ever ready water storage and reservoir units at various places which can cater to immediate requirements of fire fighting in the forests.
There also have to be stringent laws to deal with the violators with a serious overview mechanism with the authorities responsible.
We also request the local population around these forests to be vigilant and bring such culprits to the fore who are hell bent upon destroying our gifts of nature.

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