Take WPR issue to ICJ: DeM to PaK Prez, PM

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December 28, 2016 BREAKING NEWS 414 Views
Take WPR issue to ICJ: DeM to PaK Prez, PM

The secretary general of Dukhtaran e Millat Nahida Nasreen Wednesday called on the chairperson Syedah Aasiyah Andrabi at her Soura residence.

The duo deliberated on various issues viz-z-viz Kashmir and the issue of West Pakistan Refugees.

Since Aasiyah Andrabi has been confined to her house by the puppet police and cannot come in open and talk on the issue, therefore the two discussed a range of issue concerning the people of Kashmir at the laters residence where she has been kept under house arrest since she was released from Baramulla Sub Jail.

During the meeting, the incarcerated chairperson of DeM told Nasreen that granting citizenship rights to WPRs is a grave issue and is aimed at changing the demography of the state.

“The WPR issue is a conspiracy of India to settle the Hindus in this disputed land so that the Muslim majority character of Jammu Kashmir is fiddled with,” Nasreen quoted Aasiyah as having said.

Aasiyah on the occasion told Nasreen that she has informed the President and Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir to take the issue to the International Court of Justice.

“Azad Kashmir President and Prime Minister has a huge responsibility viz a viz the resolution of Kashmir issue. They have more responsibility than us. They are free and live in a free society unlike us. We are caged and our freedom of speech has been truncated. They do not live under the barrel of gun,” Aasiyah told Nasreen.

She said that Kashmir was destined to be part of Pakistan in 1947 when India was divided into two and Pakistan came into existence.

“But at that time the cunning politicians who were at the helm of work kept Kashmir issue on the back burner. But then when Azad Kashmir came into existence they again conspired and took the issue to United Nations to plead for ceasefire.”

Syedah Aasiyah Andrbai said, “After ceasefire it was said that when peace will prevail, referendum will be held. But since last 70 years no referendum was held. The issue of Kashmir is still lingering in the United Nations.”

She said that the disputed nature of Kashmir is not affected. “The issue is disputed and the final settlement of the issue is yet reached at.”

“We appeal the President of Pakistan administered  Kashmir and Prime Minster that they pass a resolution in the parliament and unanimously decide that the issue of WPRs will be taken to International Court of Justice.”

“We know taking the case to ICJ will incur huge amount of money. Therefore we request the people of AJK, the civil society members, the businessmen to come forward and donate some amount of money to an account so that the amount is utilized to fight the case,” She said, “People of occupied Kashmir cannot contribute at this juncture for we have incurred huge losses during the last six months.”

Besides, she said it will mobilize the people of Azad Kashmir for the freedom movement of Kashmir. The common people will get involved and that will be a huge achievement for the cause.

Kashmiri Muslims are highly hopeful with the people of Azad Kashmir. They too have a responsibility towards the people of Kashmir and should actively participate for the freedom struggle of Kashmir and the issue concerning them.

Nasreen quoted Aasiyah having said that the WPRs, once settled in JK will impact the referendum, when it is held.

The details and the appeal to the premiers of Azad Kashmir have been sent to them through a proper channel. “We hope that the govt of  Kashmir will not disappoint us. And they will take concrete steps and will participate in taking out the people of  Kashmir from the clutches of Indian oppression and suppression.

She also said that the premiers should impress upon the Government of Pakistan to take the issue to the United Nations General Assembly.

“The UN general assembly should be made aware of the nefarious designs of India. The issue should also be taken to the Organization of Islamic Countries.”

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