‘Test our resolve’: Pakistan’s challenge to India on nuclear war [9: 9]

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January 14, 2018 BREAKING NEWS 193 Views
‘Test our resolve’: Pakistan’s challenge to India on nuclear war        [9: 9]

Pakistan on Saturday challenged India to “test our resolve” over a nuclear war, in response to Army chief General Bipin Rawat’s remarks from Friday.
“Very irresponsible statement by Indian Army Chief,not befitting his office. Amounts to invitation for nuclear encounter.If that is what they desire,they are welcome to test our resolve.The general’s doubt would swiftly be removed, inshallah,” tweeted Pakistan’s foreign minister Khawaja Asif.
The neighbouring country’s foreign office, too, was at pains to clarify that “Pakistan is fully capable of defending itself,” in a series of tweets from its spokesperson.
The threatening and irresponsible statement by the Indian Army Chief today is representative of a sinister mindset.
While addressing the press in the run-up to Army Day, Gen Rawat had called out “Pakistan’s nuclear bogey,” saying it will be thoroughly exposed if the situation escalates to a war.
Pakistan often brandishes its short-range Nasr (Hatf-IX) nuclear missiles as a battlefield counter to India’s ‘Cold Start’ strategy which focusses on ‘limited’ and ‘calibrated’ strikes to make swift and hard inroads into enemy territory.
“We will call their bluff. If given the task, we will not say we cannot cross the border because they have nuclear weapons,” he had said.

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