The bullet versus the book

Junaid Malik Srinagar
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The bullet versus the book

It is an established fact that the profession of an individual has a profound effect on his attitude, behavior and values of a person which decides his social behavior but there is greater role of social norms and order prevalent in given society. When the social conditions and political culture of a state is governed by lawlessness overriding the human integrity, it is but natural that the flow will creep to every communication between the groups and individuals.

The recent spate between a probation DCP and a learned academician heading  Kashmir university which is trending the social media for the last two days clearly indicates that all is not well with in our society. The way the issue cropped up alludes to the very conditions that our identity moorings have got badly effected in this mayhem haunting the state for so many decades which is taking the ugliest turns by each passing day .This matter has raised so many questions which are supposed to be addressed by one and all.When the harbingers of civilization and carriers of values are humiliated on streets and the law keepers over ride the law, the society is destined to doom.

Over carefully listening the conversation between the learned VC and over enthusiast probationary police officer, one can find so many flaws and lacunas that the faulty system has imbibed in our generations.The police officer keeps on bragging about performing his duties which he was surely doing but at the expense of respect of a senior and learned academician of the state. The vice chancellor too, forgetting his status and position keeps on bullying the police officer stooping  low at a moment which does not behave his stature.

The very first question which pains a common man is how the police officer who is surrounded by his juniors and personal security officer allowed to clip the video in his presence and later floated the same over social media sites.This very irresponsible behavior by a police officer raises the eye brows that the issue was either pre planned to sully the image of vice chancellor or a publicity stunt by the young  police officer.Even if the episode was recorded by some media man, the same shouldn’t have been allowed if it was a simply a call of duty. We have seen thousands of police personals nagging bullying intimidating and at times thrashing the drivers on roads for simple violation of traffic norms but never clipped them on video to be circulated on social media.Over exaggerating the matter for any covert end has compromised the integrity of police officer and reputation of a senior intellectual and academician.

The other factor which has come to fore from this episode is the cult of VIPism and superior ego from the reaction of astute vice chancellor. If the vehicle had been stopped and its tint stripped off by the police officer although beyond the text and barrier of duty, the VC should have stayed calm and let the officer do his duty.The Supreme Court has clearly banned the uses of tint glasses barring few exceptions, if the vehicle had not the permission of such glasses, it was surely a grave breach of law and if the police officer trespassed his limits, the vice chancellor should have written to the police chief and governor to intervene in the matter. A calm and rational reaction would have saved both his personal and professional honor. But the VC chose to threat the police officer on duty to wet his trousers no sooner the DGP would come to know whose vehicle has the police officer tint stripped. This bragging on the part of vice chancellor gave an insight in to VIP mindset of our higher echelons bringing severe criticism from all the quarters around.They consider themselves immune to any law and their gestures and reactions alludes to the fact that they have a different path to reach to their intended positions.

When the egos and personal whims trespass over the professional limits, these regressive episodes will keep on happening over the streets.we all are governed by a common constitution but the parallel constitution which is oral, expensive and elitist in character is enforced more vigorously and practically.when the academicians will concentrate more on concentration of power than free flow knowledge and when the executive would prefer lawlessness over the law, the sirens will keep blowing and honking from atop the social cohesiveness.

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