The Other side of the silence

Sneha Mukherjee Srinagar
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The Other side of the silence

Bashir Manzar writes about the fear that grips a society in the throes of protracted warfare;

Break the pen, spill the ink, burn the paper

Lock your lips, be silent, shhh…

Say “I saw nothing” even if you did

Or else have your eyes gouged out

Keep humming eulogies, be silent

It is the season of burying the truth…


The rising death tolls in the valley and the continuous agitation have attracted various theories and solutions. Most of which focus on pellet guns injuries and showcasing the age group of the victims.

When questioned, if plebiscite is the humanitarian answer which neighbouring country is insisting on, so much so that recently Norway has volunteered to be a mediator for mitigating tension between India and Pakistan (reported by Radio Pakistan), Mr. Shafiq Mir, Spokesperson Of Congress, former journalist who has worked with Indian express, Greater Kashmir and Chairman of All J&K Panchayat Conference said: “In 2011, a non party basis election was conducted, where 87 percent voted for democracy. Pakistan is a barbaric state, nobody wants to go there. We want to stay in our country, India but with pride and dignity.”

He further added: “Local and National Media have played a big role in the chaos created after the Burhan wani killing.  Firstly, only 10,000-10,500 people visited his last procession, which was escalated to a lakh or more. Secondly, the genuine protests which followed were for civilian deaths. Everyone, including the family of the militant is well aware of the fate of a terrorist and nobody will cry foul for that.”

When probed about the demand of ‘Azadi’, Mr Shafkat Mir, District secretary of National Conference, Rajouri said: “The demand of Azadi is not from this country, it is from the tear gas and pellet guns. Delhi witnesses double the amount of protests in a year, but nobody uses pellet guns in other parts of India. There are other measures like water cannons to control a mob. If that fails, then the next measure should be opted for.”

He added: “The very fact that the people are still asking for a solution to the Indian government shows the mentality of the majority of localities. The absence of dialogue from the government side has created a scenario which Pakistan is using for their own benefit, They have gone to the extent of declaring ‘black day’ on the death of an militant, but no such steps were taken when around 150 students died in Pakistan due to a terrorist attack. Do you think, we would want our kids to be a part of such country?”

Taking another scoop on media, Iftkhar AliDor, Congress party worker said: “Media never highlighted the real stakeholders, that is the youth, The Masjid fundings, the local media funding.” Referring to an incident he added: “The young people, who are usually engaged in stone pelting, donated their blood to the victims of the Amarnath Yatra accident, which took place around 60 kms away from Srinagar. But that was not highlighted”

This is the reason why they are getting distanced out from the rest of the India. When young Kashmir’s visit Delhi or other places in India, they are looked down with just one tag that is ‘anti-national’. They usually then face the wrath of polarised mindsets, they then carry that anger of being mistreated back home, and some then join these radical movements.”

Asif Bhat, The PDP youth leader addressing the issue of youth said: “The nervous energy of the youth has to be handled through employment and engaging them in constructive things. As half of the time there is no internet and telephone connectivity, they are cut off from the rest of the India unlike other youths of India and are more exposed to the separatist’s agendas, obviously the focus then shifts.”

Highlighting the plight of government jobs, he added: “Even If an applicant clears the declared vacant post for a particular government job, it’s inevitable that one of his colleagues or peer will put a court case against his credentials, which will then take minimum 2 months to clear. This results in the blockage of that posts as well as wastage of time for that youth. Ultimately giving rise to frustration against the established government.”

Schools are usually the soft spot which are vulnerable and exposed for becoming the grounds to plant radical ideologies in young mind. Even Burhan Wani’s father is a serving principal in a government school, who boasts of dedicating as many children as he can for this cause. Many of the hideouts busted were in various schools located in Tral and other parts of the valley. Recently, Turkey foreign Minister claimed that the organisation Fethullah Gulen terrorist Organisation had also infiltrated India through associations and schools.

Addressing these grounds, Rafia Khan, Teacher of Army Good Will School said: “Kashmir is lacking moral education, and we as teachers are trying to provide that. They are asking Azadi for their living. We as the older generation have to give the right message of peace and not instigate them. It is our responsibility to guide the youth and the youngsters.”

When asked about the presence of as young as 6 –7 year old kids in agitations, she said: “In the valleys and mountains, kids usually run like a free-spirit, the awareness of parenting is very less, which is being misused by the radical minds. The answer to that is education.”

Head of Religious Group and District President of Anjuman Ulama-E-Ahlesunnat, Moulana Mohd Farooq Naimi Naqshbandi, Qadri condemned any realtion of Islam to terrorism and said: “When even our Namaz doesn’t allow us to waste water during wuzu, how cans a true Islam follower, even think of wasting blood of fellow human being.”

He further added: “Only civil society can break the dead lock between Government and Kashmir. When 33,000 elected representatives are not being considered for dialogues and instead the separatists are making their way to Delhi, definitely one needs to shift their focus to the roots of the agitation.”















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