This Ramadan, Halimi Miswak rule Srinagar markets

BK Correspondent/Srinagar
June 17, 2017 CITY 400 Views

After varieties of dates have flooded the valley markets, this Ramadan Miswak from different countries is attracting the fasting people which has increased it sale during this month.
The valley traders this Ramadan have imported dates from different countries like Ajwa from Saudi Arabia and other superior kind of dates from Tunisia, Iran, Yemen and Pakistan.
As the trade along the LoC is gaining momentum, the traders have imported the Miswak from Karachi Pakistan to the valley which has become one of the most demanded item in during this holy month.
The use of the Miswak is frequently advocated in the hadith and Muslim community across the world prefer much use of Miswak especially in the month of Ramdan.
As per the traders, the Halimi Miswak of Karachi is in huge demand due to which it import has increased during past two weeks.
“Halimi Miswak is soft and doesn’t harm teeth while using it. It has attracted the Kashmiri people due to which its sales has increased abruptly in this month. Most of the traders here have sold this kind of Miswak and much is expected to be received from LoC in coming days,” said Ali Mohammad a trader in Lalchowk.
Outside valley shrines and mosques, stocks of Halimi Miswak are decorated and most of the people buy it to get more blessings by following this Sunnah in this holy month.
“On Fridays, the sale of Miswak increases. People from different areas offer Namaz in this mosque and many among them are attracted by this kind of Miswak. On daily basis, I sell more than 50 packets of Miswak,” said Imran Ahmad who sells different religious items outside mosque in Srinagar said.
Earlier these items would reach to valley via Waga border in Punjab but since the LoC trade has been opened from Uri, these items reach to valley in huge amount.
From Kashmir, the Halimi Miswak is supplied to different states of the country.
“From here we export Halimi miswak to different markets of India including Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai and New Delhi,” said Ghulam Nabi a trader.
Apart from Halimi Miswak there are different varieties including Olive, Labika , Al Khalij, Alhadi miswak found in valley markets which are being used at large.
The Miswak is said to have many health benefits and researches suggest that Miswak contains a number of natural antiseptics that kill harmful microorganisms in the mouth. It contains tannic acids that protect the gums from disease; and aromatic oils that increase salivation.
Various studies suggest that the Miswak’s bristles are parallel to the handle rather than perpendicular, and it can reach more easily between the teeth where a conventional toothbrush often fails to reach.

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