Tragic Episode

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Tragic Episode

At least seven people including three from Kashmir were killed after a tree hit a cable car in Gulmarg. It is a tragic episode and the authorities, cable car corporation and the government must carry a thorough investigation of the circumstances in which the accident occurred. The cable car project is among the coveted ones that draws thousands of tourists every year and also generates revenue which should be used for its operation and further development of the project. It was the success story of this project that government extended the cable car project both at this destination as well as at the other, Makhdoom Sahib. Although the cable car at Makhdoom Sahib did not catch up like the one at Gulmarg, but the authorities always have been cognizant of the safety issues. The Jammu and Kashmir’s Tourism Department has been hailing the cable car as one of the must see amusements in Kashmir and has made it central in many of its promotional campaigns. Initial investigation reveals that the tragic accident in Gulmarg was caused by strong winds, though it has never happened before that a tree, which are massive in their size at this place, has been uprooted and hit a cable car or least that any tree posed threat to the safety of the gondola riders. Still if that happens, Why hasn’t the Government cleared the ground and the rope-way path. According to Engineering, geological experts, there shouldn’t have been proper clearance of the pathway leading riders to the upper reaches. In that case the Managing Director of the Cable should put down his papers and appolgise for not protecting the innocent lives. As a precautionary measure the authorities should have conducted regular inspections of the circuit and removed any dead wood or weak trees that have a chance of hitting the cable cars. The accident may have caused panic which would be detrimental for the project. The cable car’s importance in Gulmarg can also be gauged from the fact that it has continuously been attracting the tourists and providing livelihood to the people living in nearby areas like Tangmarg and Magam. The two locals killed in the accident belonged to Tangmarg area. If the place loses the interest of tourists, it will affect the livelihood of thousands of people who provide different kind of services to tourists. The corporation must come up with a detailed report on the risks posed by different natural factors. However, before proceeding authorities must be cautious that the environment is not unnecessarily obliterated for the sake of improving the safety of cable car passengers. The government must also announce relief to the victims and ensure that such accidents are not repeated.

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