Tral’s Only Cricket stadium Craves for Government Attention

Basharat Rashid Srinagar
February 23, 2017 SPORTS 1066 Views
Tral’s Only Cricket stadium Craves for Government Attention

The only cricket stadium in Jammu and Kashmir’s Tral Sub Division is in a state of disrepair since decades, which is located in the outskirts of town in Bajwani area, 2 Kms from tehsil headquarter.

As per the reports received by Brighter Kashmir Correspondent , The existing stadium does not have a levelled ground and also no proper sitting arrangements are available there which gives tough time to the players who are frequently playing cricket there.

Moreover, there is no proper fencing around the stadium and no changing room for the players as well.

The players complained that they are facing troubles due to the presence of mulberry trees in the middle of the stadium which sometimes leads injuries to the players and disturbance to the games.

“There is no dressing room for the players and there are mulberry trees ahead, which is posing trouble as fielders are facing so many problems due to presence of these tress . There is no rolling, look at the outfield. When it rains, we are not able to play for five to six days. We want renovation of the stadium,” said a Cricketer Zahid Wani from Tral while talking to Brighter Kashmir.

The pathetic and dilapidated condition of the ground, local cricketers say, is a major hindrance for them to develop into professional sportsmen.

“We always come to this stadium to practice and hone our skills but the condition of the play field is so bad that we face the danger of injuring ourselves in this dilapidated stadium , said a group of local youth.

“We approached the concerned authorities several times and urged them to repair and renovate the playfield. We too want to make it big but owing to the lack of proper infrastructure our efforts always go down the drain. Besides, persistent attempts of bringing the matter into the notice of the authorities proved fruitless owing to their cold response,” said the cricketers.

Ironically, the government has failed to maintain the only sports stadium, due to which skillful and talented cricketers are now lacking interest in this game as no opportunity is available for them to show their particular skills.

“The Tral should have separate sports fields for football, cricket,  Basket ball and other indoor games. It is dangerous even to walk through the playground as it is full of potholes and filth while parts of it often remain submerged in rain-water. Foul smell makes the ambience stinky and we hardly can concentrate on the game. We don’t know when the conscience of the local sports authorities will wake up”, they lamented.

According to locals,  the work of repairing of the stadium has been initiated so many times in order to make it fit for play but the work remained incomplete all the time.

“The work on the stadium started so many times but due to some unknown reasons,  authorities always stopped the work on it and the situation of stadium remains constant till now “, a cricketer from Tral said.

The players while talking to Brighter Kashmir urged the authorities to improve the condition of the ground through necessary upkeep, repairs and renovation. They also sought other facilities including availability of drinking water, rest-rooms and public convenience at the ‘sports stadium’.

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