Trampling SS Laws

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Trampling SS Laws

There is a lot happening as far as the politics in restive Jammu and Kashmir is concerned. The ruling parties blame the opposition parties for all the mess that have cropped up in the administration and on the political arena of the State. National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana has cautioned against conspiracy being hatched by the BJP in connivance with PDP to dilute State Subject laws in a clandestine manner and under covert operations to weaken special status of the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir. He further goes on to say that the BJP has unleashed a “sinister and motivated” disimformation campaign, especially in the Jammu region, to hoodwink public opinion by creating an impression that doing away with the State Subject laws will benefit the Dora’s. Though the BJP is systematically working towards repealing these laws by whipping up passions on this sensitive issue yet they are conveniently concealing the facts, which compelled the visionary Maharaja Hari Singh to enact the State Subject laws in 1927 to safeguard the interests of people of the State from dominance of elite and affluent sections of non-state subjects, essentially from the neighbouring Punjab, the enactment of these laws had not been sought either by the people of Kashmir or Ladakh but the Dogras of Jammu had legitimate apprehensions about wealthy businessmen from Punjab settling down in the region and shrinking their economy. The farsightedness shown by the Maharaja over nine decades ago is now being negated and exploited by the BJP, in its mistaken pursuit of ultra nationalism. The coalition partners, PDP and BJP are in league to clandestinely repeal this constitutional guarantee, which is a legitimate provision to preserve the rights of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. In this context he referred to his resolution moved in the Legislative Assembly for taking effective legal, political and administrative steps to safeguard Article 35A of the Constitution of India, which was opposed by the ruling combination. By virtue of the State Subject laws the people of the State, irrespective of caste, creed and cololur are having the comfort of roofs over their heads and jobs for unemployed youth. Once this proviso is repealed, the opportunities for the state subjects will end permanently.
People must gear up for frustrating the anti-J&K policies of the PDP-BJP Government. State Subject Laws in Jammu and Kashmir were being made bone of contention just to satiate the communal agenda of BJP. Instead of engaging itself in constructive governance, the PDP-BJP coalition is pursuing with destructive policies and adding to the miseries of people.

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