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Visionless Coalition

At least 10 people hit by pellets in eye in forces firing during the ongoing unrest in the Valley have been blinded in one eye while 23 patients with pellets in both eyes will be flown to Delhi for advanced eye treatment. In view of seriousness of the situation, two eye surgeons from Mumbai have arrived in Srinagar to conduct critical eye surgeries of pellet victims. The current coalition government who has seen much of mayhem and bloodbath continues to e visionless about the pain and sufferings of the people of the Kashmir valley. Many hundreds have been hit by the pellets after random use of pellet guns by the security personnel to quell protests triggered by the killing of 21-year-old Hizb commander Burhan Wani on July 8. The doctors said many injured have been hit by pellets in both eyes. Over 20 patients admitted in the hospital have suffered critical injuries in both eyes due to pellets. At least 23 patients with pellet injuries in both eyes may be shifted to Delhi for the advanced eye treatment. The chief Minister government ironically haven’t been able to reach out to the people with the healing touch. Interestingly the department of ophthalmology has decided to increase the working hours from 10 am to 4 pm to 10 am to 6 pm daily in order to accommodate all the patients within stipulated time. The department has taken all precautions to provide best possible treatment to the pellet injury patients to prevent shrinking of eye ball and subsequent visual disability. Notwithstanding the lifting of curfew coupled with the afternoon relaxation announced by separatist camp, most parts of Kashmir continued to observe shutdown on Wednesday. Many see the protests and clashes after the lifting of curfew as the outpouring of bottled up anger. Even otherwise, the prolonged restrictions have not helped the government to keep the protests at bay. Rather, it has only proved perilous for the civilian population. Shortage of eatables and other necessary items pose a humanitarian crisis. The administration uses curfew as a face saving weapon but they fail to realize that the public anger against the unjustified restrictions keeps simmering only making the valley more vulnerable to bouts of public unrest. The government should do away with the piecemeal practice of imposing curfew. By restricting civilian movement for days on stretch, the government is not doing any good to its already bad reputation vis-à-vis human rights. Already averse to the presence of armed forces, people are further infuriated when they see their area under siege of the troops. The authorities may justify the measure for the sake of law and order. However, they ignore the long-term impact on the psyche of people and the consequent repercussions. The recurrent curfews have a bearing on the peace prospects of which the reduction of troops is considered as a fundamental aspect. In the past, Government of India has talked about its seriousness in reducing the visibility (footprints) of troops, but resorting to curfews and reinforcing troop strength runs contrary to this claim. The government representatives have been pretending to be sympathetic with people and occasionally criticize the actions of hostile troops. But they have only been paying lip service to the concerns of people. New Delhi seems to be more concerned about the infiltration bids at the border when people in the interiors face problems day in and day out due to the presence of troops and accompanying paraphernalia. Curfew is just a convenient measure to thwart protests. It only adds to the frustration of besieged people. It is akin to enforcing ‘peace of the graveyard’. The reasons for imposing frequent curfews are quite well known, but the government has been proved to be helpless in addressing the root cause. Although curfews are not new for Kashmir, the frequency has certainly increased in the past 8 years, partly owing to 2008, 2010 and now the 2016 unrest.

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