War hysteria will further aggravate situation in Kashmir :NC

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September 21, 2016 BREAKING NEWS 285 Views
National Conference on Wednesday said New Delhi and Islamabad should engage in talks to deescalate the situation of hostility and war-mongering and genuinely embark on a comprehensive political process to resolve all outstanding issues. National Conference Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi said the situation in Kashmir cannot be ignored and relegated to the back-burner by engaging in jingoism and war-mongering.
“The attack on Jawans in Uri is extremely saddening and condemnable. There are powers in both countries that are opposed to mutual cooperation and peace and we have always observed how these entities leave no stone unturned to create such situations of hostility at the most crucial junctures. It is situations like these which make the need for dialogue even more pertinent and urgent. There is no alternative to dialogue. War-mongering is not patriotism. The age of wars and conquests is long over”, NC Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi said in a statement issued from Party Headquarters on Wednesday.
The NC Chief Spokesperson also asked certain national media channels to desist from adding more venom to the atmosphere of hostility and animosity that has claimed thousands of lives and affected both countries adversely. “Our media channels should not resort to chest-thumping and war-mongering in a race for TRPs. This hysteria will not achieve anything and will only remove our focus from resolving outstanding issues including the political issue in Kashmir. The costs of prolonging these conflicts and issues are huge and it is time we realize the difference between jingoism and patriotism”, the NC Chief Spokesperson added.
“We appeal for restraint and an exhibition of maturity and statesmanship from both sides. The people of Kashmir are the worst sufferers of hostility between New Delhi and Islamabad and we have paid enormous, unimaginable human, economic and political costs due to this animosity. At a time when nearly 85 young boys and girls have been killed in Kashmir and when people are out agitating for a resolution of the political issue, any war-mongering will be counterproductive and will only further worsen the already grave situation”, the NC Chief Spokesperson further stated.
The NC Chief Spokesperson also lashed out at PDP for not fulfilling its ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ promise of bringing New Delhi and Islamabad closer towards mutual cooperation and dialogue on outstanding issues. “When PDP markets past CBMs as alleged achievements of Late Mufti Sahab, then Mehbooba Mufti – by the same standard – is also culpable and responsible for the present hostility between the two countries. The PDP-BJP alliance of opportunism has added to the atmosphere of hopelessness and haplessness in Kashmir and PDP remains on mute mode since it is terrified to demand that New Delhi should talk to Islamabad. This is yet another U-turn by the party and it is evident that Mehbooba Mufti is reluctant to draw any lessons and make amends”, the NC Chief Spokesperson added in the statement.

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