Weakening of WAQF

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Weakening of WAQF
Government has admitted during an ongoing Budget session in the Legislative Council that over 6000 kanals of Waqf land are illegally occupied. This is a main concern not only for the Government but for the people of the Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir as well. Minister of State for Haj and Auqaf, Syed Farooq Andrabi, said that waqf has a possession of 90653 kanals out of which more than 6000 kanals are illegally occupied. Three concerns stem from the government’s statement that changed after passing of a day only. One, the government a day before had informed that no land of Waqf was being illegally occupied. We have seen a tremendous growth of Shri Mata Vishnov Devi or other non-Muslim trusts, reasosn behind them is a complete transparency and accountability. We have failed to create our own assets at Waqf. We have even failed to do our basic duties as far as the Waqf objectives are concerned. Then comes the illegal occupation of the Waqf land. Why were previous government regimes silent over the issue? Why did we let go things which really ruined the system at Waqf. The question about illegal occupation of waqf land is lucid and plain, and is unlikely to be misconceived. It is unbecoming of the legislators to misinform the Council and the people. There may be inquiries on subjects on which legislators may have limited information. Legislators should admit lack of precise knowledge or information on any given subject instead of giving out wrong information. It is a fact that the din can lead to losing focus on any particular subject or piece of information, but the law makers must be attentive while responding to queries as it is the government that does the talking. Two, the issue of illegal occupation of land in the state has become a tangled affair. Over a year ago the government informed that the armed forces were illegally occupying 170696 kanals of land. The figure has not seen any major change in the last so many years and the way government is going after this matter, it is improbable that any significant progress would be made in next few years. It was only after an arduous and sustained campaign by civil society and non-governmental organizations that the prime tourist site was freed of armed forces’ control. Three, Finance Minister earlier said about the decrepit institutions, alluding to the observation that like liabilities the hapless institutions were also inherited from previous governments. So, the government instead of picking on previous governments over different issues must make known its own roadmap. The real issue is not whether a government has numbers and figures but whether it has workable solutions and plans. It was believed that the Board would perform better once it is disengaged from legacy rule. But there seems to be no end to miserable conditions the Board finds itself in. Waqf assets continue to be misused and the apathy of governments is proof of its sinking. People of the state are expecting regeneration of this institution, and they are not waiting to be told about the numbers.

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