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Weather & Politics

Kashmir Valley is a unique place as far as its weather and politics go. With the onset of winter, people have to face hardships because of the administrative breakdown and with the onset of summers, the there is surge in the political activities with people coming out on the streets and demanding Azadi from the what they see as Indian occupation. The weather and politics have a very close connection. Sometime the weather decides the mood in the roads and streets of restive Kashmir Valley. There is a sharp dip in the temperature in crisis-hit Kashmir valley. Temperature in the valley has been dropping with minimum recorded temperatures in the past few days reading below zero degree Celsius. Meteorological Department has said that there will be no change in dry weather in the coming days and that temperature may further drop below the freezing point in Kashmir region. Minimum temperatures are lower than those recorded at this time of year. The rapid set in of winter can aggravate the problems in Kashmir which is already battling different crises due to uninterrupted shutdowns. As people are finding it difficult to secure the winter stock and provisions particularly the needed fuel and firewood, the state administration has to deal with its own problems – power. The dip in temperatures has also led to the dip in the voltage (power) with the demand increasing rapidly. Power cuts have also increased proportionally to meet the demand. Whether distribution transformers can bear the additional load is doubtable. Also, in many places in Kashmir people have complained that distribution transformers have been damaged by forces in the protests period. State administration needs to gear up for the winter and make sure that all essentials and services reach the people. As other preparations for school examinations have been made, authorities also need to take care of the heating arrangements in all centers from where students will appear. With markets closed except during the relaxation hours, continuous supply of fuel and firewood is a must. Government also has the responsibility of checking the winter stock and be prepared in case of any shortage. At present the difficulties seem to be mounting also because of the scrapping of notes. Though the Central government has assured that troubles due to non-availability of cash will soon be over and that extra efforts are being made for the circulation of new notes, the state government should look into other issues that can make the winter harshest in Kashmir. For people in Kashmir most of the troubles in winter stem from the poor services provided by the state electricity provider, PDD. From faulty distribution system to erratic load shedding plans, there seem to be no permanent fix to these problems despite repeated assurances by successive governments.

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