With street protesters continue demos, pro-Azadi rallies‘Several on FB discuss fate of current uprising, say time to introspect’

Wahid Bhat Srinagar
September 2, 2016 BREAKING NEWS 415 Views

While protests, ding dong battles of stone pelting continue on Kashmir streets in which as many as 70 people got killed and thousands injured in the retaliatory action by forces, a section of Kashmiri nitizens, who are very active on Facebook have started a different political discourse on the social site—“if we need freedom from Kashmiris” or from the “oppressor”.

The debate has started after a Kashmiri Facebook user Qurat Ulayn, who works in Delhi, has posted this: “Kashmiris need to decide, do they need Aazadi from Kashmiris or Aazadi from the oppressor by acting as an oppressor for his fellow beings”.

“By hurling stones on marriage processions, by not letting peace prevail, by not letting people move out is not going to serve any purpose rather exposing the cruel side of Kashmiries. No doubt we lost young souls but trust me tomorrow the same boys who we today see hurling stones on roads out of ignorance, will be seen dancing on the misogynist songs of Hunny Singh, let things get normal,” she posted.

This Facebook post of her invited a wide attention from others Kashmiris with even many leveling allegation and counter allegations against each other.

In the comments that followed the post, a Facebook user Musab Omer writes, “We are not going to gain anything from doing this again and again. You make mistake once, not every single time – 2008, 2009, 2010 and now 2016. It is time for introspection and stop this foolishness.”

Another user Rabia Farooq posted: “Don’t we have a right to celebrate things after months of curfew.” She in her second post while countering the others added: “And you people were staying outside, do you even realise what we are going through.”

Ex-registrar at SKIMS, Masooda Rajpuri, also joined the debate suggesting not violence, but non-violence is the only way to achieve the goal.

This is what Rajpori posted… “Innovative as Gandhi found “non voilence” that could liberate a country like lndia that had many religions/ sects/ dalits/ harigins/ cultures. Country that had small, small kingdoms. He knew that if he does not coin the word “non violence” there would be no freedom as otherwise the whole country will break into civil war.”

In another post, Rajpori indirectly hinted towards the pro-freedom protestors and leaders saying: “Till the time others are getting killed, maimed, blinded they will not do it. The day the govt turns towards them you will see them fleeing for life.”

Sadaf Munshi, according to her Facebook profile an Associate professor at University of North Texas, posted: “Oh no! This is absolutely sad. Why can’t the leaders ask for a “ceasefire” on all sides. Just take a break and think about more civilized ways of protest. Let’s just observe a few silent days of mourning.”

The discussion on the post thread was continuing when this story was filed. They were even seen leveling accusation against each other on different issues regarding the ongoing movement.

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