Withdraw troops: China snubs Rajnath Singh on Doklam overture

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August 23, 2017 BREAKING NEWS 235 Views
Withdraw troops: China snubs Rajnath Singh on Doklam overture

China brushed off home minister Rajnath Singh’s comment that he hoped for a positive initiative from Beijing to resolve the Doklam deadlock and adopted a more aggressive posture on Tuesday.
Repeating its standard line that Indian troops had “illegally crossed the boundary”, foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying added that India’s stated reason, that it crossed over to Doklam in view of road building by China, was “ridiculous”.
“If we tolerate India’s ridiculous logic, then anyone who dislikes the activity at his neighbour’s home can break into his neighbour’s house,” Hua said, using rhetoric meant to impress the domestic audience through the Chinese media.
“Does that mean when China thinks large-scale construction of infrastructure at the border area is posing a threat, it can enter India’s territory? Wouldn’t that be utter chaos?” she asked. Hua’s formulation hinted that Chinese troops could cross the Indian border if Beijing did not have its way.
Hua said the “only prerequisite for the settlement is to withdraw the personnel and equipment by the Indian side (sic)”. It was evident that China would not soften its stand on the border issue despite dangers that the friction might affect September’s BRICS summit in China.
The Chinese ministry’s aggressive stance revealed growing concern among Chinese elite that a section of vocal and hawkish people would strongly oppose Beijing’s attempts to enter into a settlement without ensuring withdrawal of Indian troops from the disputed area. Hua added: “China loves peace and firmly upholds peace…. we will safeguard our territorial integrity and sovereignty. We allow no country or any individual to infringe upon China’s territorial sovereignty.” On Monday, Rajnath Singh had expressed hope that China would take a positive initiative.(ToI)

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